Urbex Exploration

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We have been a passionate Urbex team for over 10 years. We wish to transmit our passion to you through this site. In fact, after spending many hours consulting newspaper articles, Google Maps, Facebook groups etc., we have decided to share our passion with you.

We decided to create the Urbex Exploration website. Our goal is to help you save precious time, save on gasolines, etc. So take advantage …

What’s urban exploration concretely?

Urban exploration is not just a stroll through the city. On the contrary, it’s聽 an exploration of abandoned places.

Urban Explorers are looking for new places, abandoned places, old factories, abandoned hospitals, houses or castles that have not been inhabited for a long time.

These abandoned places are full of surprises but are often squatted for homeless people and many of these places are defiled and looted. This is why they are usually closed to the public. In addition, there is a high risk that some parts of the place will collapse with time and the passage of men. It is therefore very difficult to find abandoned places in good condition.

Rules to know to practice Urban Exploration

  • Have the agreement of the owner or the town hall before visiting the place.
  • To be at least 2.
  • Don’t damage the place.
  • Don’t steal anything.
  • Respect the place.
  • Take care that there is no danger of collapse, mould, rust, aggression, alarm etc…
  • Use discretion.