Urbex Regulation

What does the law say about Urban exploration ?

What does the law say about Urban exploration ? 150 150 @Urbexlove

In most European countries, visiting these places is forbidden to the public and carries the risk of legal proceedings. However, these legal attacks can only be formed by a few decrees, prefectoral orders, or internal regulations of certain administrations. They therefore remain rare and don’t always prevent visitors from entering these places.
The Penal Code punishes home invasion. However, this notion disappears once the place is abandoned. Urbex is therefore an activity that touches the limits of legality.

Therefore, if an Urban Explorers enters without damaging or destroying a fence and no sign indicates that it is private property, everything seems to indicate that he is not at fault and therefore, no criminal prosecution can take place.
It is therefore important to be well informed when entering the premises whether it is private or abandoned. If the place is private, then there will be a breach of the home which may lead to criminal prosecution. Otherwise, no prosecution can be initiated.