What is it urbex ?

What is urbex concretely?

What is urbex concretely? 1920 1271 @Urbexlove

Urban exploration is not just a stroll through the city. On the contrary, it is an exploration of abandoned places.
Urbex practitioners are looking for new places, abandoned places, old factories, abandoned hospitals, houses or castles that have not been inhabited for a long time.

These abandoned places are full of surprises but are often squatted for homeless people and many of these places are defiled and looted. This is why they are usually closed to the public. In addition, there is a high risk that some parts of the place will collapse with time and the passage of men. It is therefore very difficult to find abandoned places in good condition.

What does the word urbex mean?

What does the word urbex mean? 150 150 @Urbexlove

The word 鈥淯rbex鈥 is an abbreviation of聽 鈥淯rban Exploration鈥. It’s called also UE.