Rules to know to practice Urbex

Rules to know to practice Urbex

Rules to know to practice Urbex 1920 1080 @Urbexlove

For those who would like to visit some places there are some points to know:

– To have the agreement of the owner or the town hall before visiting the place.

– To be at least 2 : Safety first. If you are not sure, always have someone with you. This doesn’t have to be a professional explorer, but a friend who can keep quiet about contact details unless you need to call an ambulance. Many places are located in areas with no traffic, no electricity and no daily supervision. This means that the condition of the item could be worse than you think. If none of your friends can accompany you, post a request in a facebook group or on the urbex forum. You might find a new friend who will too. If I visit a place that is really off the grid and there is no network in the area, always text someone first, and tell them to call you in 3 hours

– Don’t damage the place.

– Don’t steal anything : Since you are most likely guilty of trespassing when entering a place, it is very bad to become a thief as well. Imagine that everyone is stealing things, and when you show up your reaction will be “What? This is not like all the pictures I’ve seen” and then you go home, write in an Urbex group that the place is totally different and there is nothing to see. Take pictures and let the explorers after you have the same experience.

– Respect the place.

– Take care that there is no danger of collapse, mould, rust, aggression, alarm etc…

– Use discretion.