What to put in your backpack?

What to put in your backpack?

What to put in your backpack? 1920 1280 @Urbexlove

Camera :

In addition to appropriate clothing including shoes, long pants, sweater, hat and gloves, it is always good to be equipped with one or two cameras.


Two powerful torches are essential. Always with spare batteries or batteries.

Walkie-talkie :

This is the way to stay in touch. No need for network coverage.

External Battery :

Keeps you from running out of battery in the worst times !

Mask :

A place can be toxic, but also full of dirt and dust that is difficult and dangerous to breathe. A mask helps to pass this area and allows to stop to take pictures. The European standard for all protections, such as dust, mold and asbestos, is called FFP3.

Protective spray :

A simple search on Google and you will find stories of explorers who have been robbed, by people who were waiting in places where they knew we were coming to take pictures.

First aid kit :

If minor incidents occur, you can keep going your exploration with peace of mind.

Swiss Army Knife :

Having a multi-purpose knife allows me to be able to take pictures in case we get stuck or locked in a place.

Binoculars :

Helps to locate the place from a distance.

Door stopper :

My first thought, when I got the tip, was “what”, but over time I realized it’s a very useful product. You don’t want to get locked in and have to call the fire department to get out.

Colored ribbon:

To mark the inside of where I enter, and/or to indicate a route back home.

Yellow Vest :

Good to bring if I’m going to visit an active military firing range. In such places, you definitely want to make yourself visible.

Para Cord Bracelet :

Once unfolded you can enjoy an extremely strong rope of more than 3 m in length.