Where and how to enter a place + common sense advice

Where and how to enter a place + common sense advice

Where and how to enter a place + common sense advice 1920 1279 @Urbexlove

Which way to enter?

There is always a way in, you just have to find it. The best way to get in is to be discreet, without anyone seeing you. If that doesn’t work, pretend you belong. If there is a fence around the area or object, walk around and look for openings.

How do I get in?

Do not break anything to enter, it is absolutely forbidden and the urbex itself can be illegal enough. The most common way to enter is by opening a door, window or missing part of the roof. If you can’t find an easy way in, take this as a sign and think carefully. Is it really abandoned? Should you leave instead?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced explorer, if you find an entrance and there is only one, make sure you remember where it is. For example, mark it on the inside with orange tape. Also remember to always use common sense. Don’t climb on broken ladders, don’t enter through windows with broken glass, don’t rely on the ground even if there is a hole right in the middle, don’t be naive… You got it…

Act with discretion

Rather than attract attention, it is better to be as quiet as possible. Put your phone in airplane mode and watch your step. Also put your camera and GoPro in silent mode, without beeps. If you have to hide for any reason, make sure no equipment is making sound.

Trust your eyes and your instincts.

With the exception of “No Entry” signs, you must watch out for alarm stickers, cameras and dogs. New signs and cameras on an old building may mean they’ve seen you before. Dogs usually show up with the security guard, and they don’t stop for a pack of sausages.

Don’t run away

Sooner or later, you may find yourself face to face with someone. It could be another explorer, a homeless person, a tourist, a security guard or the police. If you can see the person clearly in broad daylight, or if you can’t see them at all because of the bright light from a torch, you just hear a voice, don’t run away, especially if it is dark. Stay calm and try to find out who it is, but be prepared to defend yourself if the person tries to steal from you.

There is a big difference between walking slowly and sprinting. You can fall into a hole, get stuck, or not pay enough attention to your surroundings, which can be really dangerous. You know you’re probably in an area where you shouldn’t be, so if the person isn’t a threat, just explain why you’re there, what you’re doing, and maybe show them some of your work. In most cases, situations end well.